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Create digital collectibles.

Secured by the blockchain.

By anyone. For everyone.


What are Cryptibles?


Cryptibles are blockchain-secured digital collectibles. They can be collected, stored, and shared easily by mobile users!

Cryptibles are created by brands with affinity, mobile game developers, makers, influencers, and consumers to harness the benefits of crypto assets:

  • Rarity

  • Proof of Ownership

  • Immutability



Create and design your own custom cryptocurrency or digital collectibles with ease and impress your friends and fans!

Cryptibles can be used for anything! Collect, trade, and share your Cryptibles, or hang on to them to increase their value, like gold, diamonds, Bitcoin, and bananas.


Reward your followers with custom digital collectibles. Track an item's ownership to give specific rewards to your biggest fans!

Expand your audience! Create Cryptibles for giveaways to promote your brand, band, or other artistic creations.

The Blockchain

The Ethereum blockchain is what makes Cryptibles unique collectibles​. The blockchain is a worldwide network of computers linked together, allowing anyone to verify another's work.

Ethereum was created so people could build useful programs without a middleman or central server to house information. Without a central server, there is no single authority that can control programs or make changes without the entire community knowing. 


It's All About Fun!

We're taking the idea of the blockchain and having some fun with it. The blockchain allows for proof of ownership and can't be tampered with, so the digital collectibles we make are true collectibles.

​People are collecting now more than ever, and they want their digital collectibles to actually be worth something.

We’ve made this possible for the first time in history. Thanks to the blockchain, digital collectibles can be truly limited and immutable!


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